Youth Pilgrimage to Franklinton Center at Bricks

The Florida Conference Youth Pilgrimage to the Franklinton Center at Bricks is scheduled for June 10-14. The bus will stop in West Palm Beach, Orlando and Jacksonville to pick up participants. This event is being subsidized by the Florida Conference’s Wilson Fund. Cost is $150 per person, which includes bus transportation to and from the Franklinton Center, lodgings at the center, all meals and all programs and activities at the center.

We only have room for 45 youths and 10 chaperones (one adult per youth group please). So register early. Registration is first come, first served and will close when all available slots are filled.

Youths participating in the Pilgrimage to the Franklinton Center at Bricks will receive an informative and interactive Christian learning experience of multiculturalism and anti-racism when they explore one of the historic landmarks of the United Church of Christ. 

Activities will include walking tours, presentations and discussions about the UCC’s significance in the social justice movement. There will also be a mission project and swimming at the on-site outdoor pool, along with relevant biblical stories that will encourage participants to use prayer, relationships, family, and more to remain connected to their pilgrimage experience as a foundation of what it means to "be the church" of Jesus Christ for years to come.

Registration deadline is May. 15. No exceptions!

Why a Pilgrimage?

The goal is for youth of the Florida Conference to take a pilgrimage to an historic landmark associated with the United Church of Christ that explores social justice matters of the past and present.

June 10, Travel Day (first stop at noon, WPB; then Orlando, then Jacksonville)

June 11-13, Youth will engage in a pilgrimage experience that will include organized hiking, movie night, campus tour, interactive games, slave cemetery visit, along with swimming and delicious southern food!

June 14, Travel Day (Jacksonville, Orlando, WPB)

***Note: This is not a summer camp; it is a pilgrimage experience. Youth groups should have a clear understanding about this difference. In addition, Conference staff (John, Raymond, Leslie) will be invited to participate while on the trip. A more detailed agenda in this regard will be provided shortly after Easter.

For more information, contact Rev. Dr. Sheila Guillaume at


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