Authorized Ministers' Information Review 2018

A yearly report to the Committee on Church and Ministry, for the purpose of maintaining standing in the Florida Conference of the United Church of Christ. Each authorized minister (clergy, retired clergy, licensed minister or commissioned minister) is required to complete an Information Review by December 31,2018. Once you have filled out the form, please click the "submit" button. If you have questions, please contact the Conference office 407-835-7501.

*Postal Address including city and zip code
*Home Phone
*Mobile (cell) phone
*Email Address

Please make sure this is accurate, as it is now being used in the Datahub to verify your standing. 

I prefer not to list some/all of my contact information in the Yearbook and Access UCC (check which information should NOT be listed below):
Phone numbers
Email address
*Current Ministry Setting and Address

Please note the church, organization or other ministry setting that is your primary call. If you are seeking a call, please note this. If you are retired, please note where you attend worship most often. 

*I am a member of the ____________________________________church.

Please note the congregation where you hold your membership. If your membership is not in this Conference, please list the location of the congregation as well. 

*I hold ministerial standing in the ______________Conference as of ______________________.

Please indicate the conference in which you hold your standing and the date on which your standing was granted. 

*1. Describe your primary responsibilities/functions in your present ministry setting(s).

Enter "n/a" if you are retired or not currently called to serve.

*2. List any continuing education experiences from this past year that have advanced your ministry skills.

Enter "n/a" if you have not completed any continuing education in the past year.

*5. How have you maintained your covenantal relationship with the United Church of Christ during the past year?
I am planning to retire in the next three years.
No answer
I would like to join a clergy group/community of practice.
No answer
Is there anything else that you would like to tell the Committee on Church and Ministry?
*Birthdate dd/mm/yyyy

Full birthdate for Datahub records

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